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M&A Reports

We offer the latest M&A activity reports for past, ongoing and requested deals.

  • Deal Synergies
  • M&A Profitability Models
  • Potential Implications

IPO Research

We offer the latest financial information on all major past, potential and requested IPO's.

  • Financial Models
  • Outcome Predictions
  • Edral Success Rating

Investment Research

We show our most up to date equity, fund and market research reports.

  • Investment breakdown
  • Volatility data
  • Co-efficient analysis

Our Portfolio

Our current portfolio comprises of 11 items (common stocks, global markets and ETF funds). The current portfolio return is 25%

  • Intermediate Capital Group

    Currently sitting with a return of 35% ICP is performing strongly for us! This stock is a main player in our current portfolio due to its FTSE100 status and relatively low risk levels.

  • S&P 500 Index

    Sitting at 31% S&P is performing outstandingly given its low risk level (being a global market and comprising of 505 common stocks).

    It seems to be very diverse because of this however, 80% is American Equity.

  • Fidelity Global Tech Fund

    With a return of 32% and its low risk nature Fidelity seems to be performing well given the current circumstances. The market growth also seem phenomenal due to the rise in tech in the modern society and the diversity it brings. 

    Fidelities major holdings are those of Alphabet (google) etc.

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